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Qu'est-ce-que fucking dit?!
10 March

You are The Adonis of Death and Mayhem!

You are the mad genius behind DOOM Magazine. Noble and Prestigious, you add a touch of class to the world of the dead like no other can. You are truly the pinnacle of masculine grace and charm. Also, you are not one to be trifled with on the battlefield - your ingenious war tactics have felled more than one civilization...

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That's me in the image.

C. Neal: What do you mean by 'conceptual death glee club' which you've made reference to in interviews?

Diamanda Galas: All hippie mystical metaphors become impotent in the face of the nightmare made flesh. At this point the little celestial poet may be searching for safer symbols in which to intentionally alienate himself from a society which he may despise but which should, in my opinion, despise him even more.

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